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No doubt about it, the education world is becoming more complex with an ever-increasing number of mandates, each driving large shifts in educational practice.

Such changes leave many teachers wondering how they can align their curriculum and instruction to a new slew of standards and assessments that demand increased accountability for student performance.

Cognitive Rigor, the interplay between Bloom's Taxonomy and Depth of Knowledge, offers a powerful solution.

Since 2007, The Standards Company has been instrumental in developing this rigor-driven approach to meeting the demands of new college/career-preparedness standards, such as the Common Core State Standards.

The Cognitive Rigor Solution

In 2011, the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium adopted Cognitive Rigor as its framework for selecting items for the Next Generation Assessments. Numerous state departments of education followed suit, incorporating Cognitive Rigor into their own professional development services.

Today, we are leading the way to a new rigor-driven approach to curriculum and instruction that allows teachers to use their own professional decision-making skills to deliver a rich, engaging curriculum to their students.

After all, isn't that why teachers became teachers in the first place?


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I formed The Standards Company in 2007 to provide educators and researchers a cost-effective way to ensure that their curriculum and instruction meet rigorous expectations.

Let us help your teaching staff boost the learning environment in their classrooms and make teaching fun again.

John R. Walkup, PhD