Grant Services

So many bright and earnest ideas fail to materialize due to insufficient funding.

A steady funding stream allows education agencies to expand their service offerings and strengthen internal capacity.

The Standards Company team has authored numerous successful grant awards, allowing school districts to realize considerable external funding for their projects.


Our team can respond to a wide variety of project types to meet each school's unique needs including:

  • After-school programs
  • STEM programs
  • College- and career-preparedness
  • Youth development
  • Social services
  • Career pathways


The fund-seeking process is complex and can overly burden even the largest school districts. To alleviate the strain on your staff and position your schools for maximum competitiveness, we offer a complete step-wise process as part of our monthly retainer fee.

  1. Issues analysis — Ensuring that your fund-seeking strategies align with the needs of your district is a top priority. Our issues analysis uncovers gaps in services provided to your students and focuses grant research on those areas.
  2. Funding research — Through continual monitoring of federal, state, and private sources, we monitor funding streams for tight fits between your needs and new grant opportunities..
  3. Project development — Our issues analysis service will uncover problems that need addressing, but projects still need to be developed that solve those problems. Our staff has considerable experience in developing K-12 education projects over a wide range of subject areas, from STEM learning to campus safety.
  4. Grant proposal authoring and submission — Our technical writers have written hundreds of winning grant awards by employing a mix of technical writing skill with careful planning.

Track record

Although not a complete listing, the following successful awards demonstrate our ability to respond to even the toughest grant competitions.

  • Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Improvement Program Bus Purchase, Parlier USD, $327,300, (2014).
  • Specialized Secondary Program grant, Parlier USD, $50,000, (2014).
  • Positive School Discipline Grant, Tulare JUHSD, $135,000, (2013).
  • Monsanto Fund STEM Grant, Farmersville USD. $25,000, (2012). Note: Only one proposal was awarded in each state.
  • Proposition 84 Parks & Recreation Grant, City of Fresno, $2,641,564, (2011).
  • Proposition 84 Parks & Recreation Grant, City of Parlier, $3,165,365, (2011).
  • California GearUp, Raisin City ESD, Caruthers USD, Parlier USD, and West Park ESD, $1.26 million total, (2011).
  • School Improvement Grant, Parlier USD, $8.8 million, (2011).


We offer education agencies two payment choices:

  • Individual grant project: $125 per hour + 5% commission*
  • Monthly retainer fee**: $2,000 + 25¢ per ADA + 5% commission*

Purchase professional development services and receive considerable discounts on our monthly grant retainer fee. Call for details.

* For ethical purposes, commissions should be paid from the client's general funds.

** Grants involving significant manpower and resources may incur additional fees.



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