Education Research

The Standards Company formed in 2007 to perform education research for public agencies beginning with statewide contracts for Nevada and Oklahoma.

Since then, our company has performed curricular studies on a vast scale, encompassing thousands of teachers and hundreds of thousands of student assignments.

With our classroom observation services, we also focus research on classroom instruction, providing education agencies with precise and accurate portrayals of the learning environment experienced by their students.

Size and Scope

The Standards Company focuses much of its research efforts on helping education agencies ensure that their curriculum and instruction meet new college- and career-preparedness standards such as the Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.

We can accommodate research studies on any scale, from small rural school districts to multi-state studies. We can also incorporate any grade levels, from Kindergarten to advanced college courses.

Service Offerings

Today, The Standards Company can provide any number of highly-customized research reports. The following reflect just a small sample of our service offerings.

Classroom Observation

Using specially-designed mobile tools customized to the client's needs, we monitor implementation of professional development trainings, classroom efficiency, and any other data points requested by the client.

Curriculum Studies

Either by examining adopted materials or collecting actual student work samples, we gauge curriculum alignment to college- and career-preparedness standards and Cognitive Rigor levels.

Curriculum Audits

Using a bottom-up approach that places the most emphasis on classroom-level processes, we generate curriculum audits that provide educators a deeper understanding of their students' learning environment.

Project Evaluation

Using any combination of classroom observations or curriculum studies, we provide an independent, objective, third-party evaluation of project implementation and success.


The following articles and reports reflect our considerable record of success:


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I formed The Standards Company in 2007 to provide educators and researchers a cost-effective way to ensure that their curriculum and instruction meet rigorous expectations.

Let us help your teaching staff boost the learning environment in their classrooms and make teaching fun again.

John R. Walkup, PhD